Москва, Гостиный двор, 13-14 ноября 2018г.


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Alexey Likhachev
Director General, State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM

  Over the last few years, Rosatom has made remarkable progress in expanding competition and improving transparency and integrity of the purchasing process. We observe positive dynamics in these key indicators. However, as the volume of foreign orders grows, strict provisions of the international agreements and specifics of legislation in the partner countries are becoming serious challenges. Another important factor is the implementation of Rosatom’s new product strategies in the domestic and foreign markets. In this context, the future development of Rosatom’s purchasing system is aimed at meeting the vital conditions of quality and timing.

Igor Artemyev
Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia

The activity of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia is aimed at maintaining a favorable competitive environment between the markets participants, stimulating them to develop new technologies and search for more effective methods of manufacture. This is where our objectives coincide with the objectives of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.
Over the past years, Rosatom achieved considerable success in developing its procurement system, creating new instruments ensuring transparency and openness, as well as increasing effectiveness of procurement activity.

Alexander Kalinin
President of All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization  of Small and Medium Business "OPORA RUSSIA"

  Over the course of its history, the ATOMEX Forum has become a reputable communication platform, universally acknowledged by specialists and small and medium business representatives, where they can dialogue in an open and sincere manner to discuss and produce recommendations on issues of the highest interest for the business community.
One of the priorities in the business and exhibition agenda of this event is definitely about establishing new business contacts, strengthening interaction and creating favorable environment for presenting the entire range of products manufactured for the industry needs and demonstrating the production capacity of small and medium business enterprises.

Alexander Braverman
General Director JSC RSMB Corporation

A lot of attention is paid today, both at the federal and regional levels, to implementing activities aimed at small business development, improving its competitiveness, promoting small business products to the markets in the Russian Federation.
Understanding the importance of establishing an open and transparent market for SME products as a vital tool of small and medium business support, JSC RSMB Corporation in association with key customers, public entrepreneur organizations, and regional governments of the Russian Federation is implementing actions aimed at expanding SME involvement in procurement programs.

Pavel Zavalny
Chairman of the Committee for Energy State Duma of the Russian Federation

  Ensuring sustainable development of nuclear energy industry in the interests of the Russian economy and safe use of nuclear energy, preserving Russia’s geopolitical interests and securing leadership positions in the global nuclear technologies market are among the top priorities for the Russian Federation.
The State Duma pays close attention to regulatory support of all aspects of Rosatom State Corporation’s activities, including procurement. It is a great achievement that the nuclear industry has developed an efficient and transparent procurement system, and that positive experience has to be disseminated as a best practice.

Sergey Katyrin
President The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

  Nuclear energy is one of the most important sectors of the energy industry. The Russian nuclear industry’s solutions and technologies are very popular abroad for their relatively low cost and high safety.
The ATOMEX Forum has become a traditional event, which allows all interested participants to discuss the most urgent issues of nuclear energetics and set the key development trends.
I am certain that the Forum will stimulate investment and innovation activities in the nuclear industry, while its exhibition program will enable both suppliers and key customers in the Russian nuclear industry to showcase their best products.


ATOMEX 2017 by numbers




Exhibition space







Advantages of participation

Nuclear industry in Russia:
  • More than 350 companies and enterprises
  • More than 35 000 competitive procurement until the end of 2018 on RUR 798,8 billions
  • First place in the world by amount on international projects (34 energy blocks in 12 countries)
  • The portfolio of foreign orders on $ 133,00 billions
  • show the products and services of your organization to the target audience;
  • negotiate B2B with main major customers’ executives, engineering experts and representatives of procurement departments;
  • establish direct contacts at the level of procurement decision makers;
  • present your services and products at the Forum’s Business program.
Business program:
  • get acquainted with the procurement program of corporate customers for 2019;
  • obtain of information about financial instruments that provide support to suppliers;
  • find out more about supplier certification and quality requirements;
  • assess opportunities for suppliers in construction and servicing of nuclear power plants in Russia.
  • Confirmation of the company's leading positions
  • Increase brand awareness of the company
  • Attracting new segments of the target audience
  • Maximum promotion in the media

Major industry segments:

  • Building sophisticated industrial facilities
  • Construction and adjustment works
  • Power engineering
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning
  • Pipelines, fittings, pumps and valves
  • International technologies
  • Electrical engineering, cable products
  • Lifting and hoisting equipment
  • Security systems, firefighting equipment, facilities and fireproof materials, Special uniform
  • Financial and consulting services, insurance
  • Sensors, tools and devices
  • Back-end and de-commissioning, recycling of technogenic and industial waste, waste management, water treatment

Business program key topics

Financial tools for supplier support
NPP product typification
Requirements for quality of products and services, supplier audit
Alternative power supply. Energy efficiency




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